Welcome to my business blog: Through the Eye of the Tiger

I am David Sharrock, Managing Principal of Sharrock Pitman Legal, founder of The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs, a quarterly business club for business owners and enterprise leaders and now business book author.

I would like to welcome you to the first in my blog series, Through the Eye of the Tiger, which will be dedicated to bringing you useful tips, knowledge and practical insights into setting up and running a successful enterprise.

My blog will also be an opportunity to introduce you to my business book, Fighting for Enterprise Success: Through the Eye of the Tiger, which is now hot off the press and available for purchase.

Unlike most business books which offer suggestions on what to do in order to grow a business or develop business skills, I take the opposite tack: it is a practical handbook, full of encouragement and inspiration.

While the book is not intended to be prescriptive, it is most certainly intended to be comprehensive and pragmatic, with the suggestions put forward being readily achievable.

I like to think of it as a book of ideas, designed to inspire change and open windows to opportunity. I want enterprise leaders to explore possibilities, to put these into the context of their own enterprises, to think outside the square, and to innovate constantly.

I want them to learn by trial and error and to nut out how they might tackle issues that are common to all enterprises and, in the process, constantly improve their own.

I want them to be brave and fearless and stare into the eye the tiger!

Directed at business owners and leaders of small to medium enterprises in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, Fighting for Enterprise Success: Through the Eye of the Tiger, provides readers with all the building blocks critical to setting up and running a successful enterprise.

The book covers everything from understanding your personal motivation for starting or leading an enterprise to issues dealing with systems, modelling, strategy and planning, workplace culture, leadership and team building, to thought-provoking reflections about success itself.  

Each chapter includes key content on each of the fundamentals, a section inviting self-reflection, self-assessment and the completion of practical exercises, and a final section containing personal, leadership stories to inspire hope.


Take home the 440 pages of stories and secrets, tools and templates, ways and worksheets to unlock your potential as an enterprise leader. You'll also be emailed a private code to enable on-line access to all self-assessment tools, samples and templates for downloading, at no extra charge.