• Enterprise success starts with the leader having high personal motivation for the enterprise to become world’s best
  • An enterprise leader needs a candid appraisal about physical, emotional, spiritual or inner well-being, and relational issues
  • An enterprise needs to build an Enterprise Excellence System and be systems driven
  • The right enterprise model is needed to facilitate enterprise success
  • An inspirational vision of the preferred future for the enterprise, coming from the enterprise leader and embraced by everyone, is fundamental
  • Any enterprise must have unshakeable values which impact all stakeholders, acting like superglue
  • Any enterprise must be principle-centric and conduct itself according to a set of imperative principles
  • There must be an overall driving purpose which goes well beyond technical acumen to impact people
  • Highly effective leadership is an absolute must for enterprise success
  • A dynamic, high performing team is also an absolute must, with team building being an imperative
  • Unrivalled customer-centricity will result in raving fans for enterprise success
  • On the road less travelled, impactful entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation will make the journey worthwhile
  • There are abundant new business opportunities but we need to dive deep
  • A masterful strategy is directive of enterprise success
  • Incisive planning is critically important, just like building pyramids
  • Responsible pricing and financial vigilance are so much better than counting beans
  • Just like leaving footprints in the sand, leaving a valuable legacy from a life of significance is so much better and more rewarding than an ocean full of successes, and
  • Fighting for enterprise success is on, but the real question is: are we up to the challenge?

“This book is a masterpiece!”

—Simon Tupman, International Speaker, Business Consultant and Facilitator
Author of ‘Why Entrepreneurs should eat bananas.

“Brings practical
advice to life.”

—Tom O’Toole, Founder of Beechworth Bakery

“Speaks with his heart and his head about learning to lead.”

—Dr George Beaton, Executive Chairperson
Beaton Research and Consulting

“Most engagingly hopeful And inspiring.”

—Tim Costello, AO, Chief Advocate for World Vision Australia

—Rachael Robertson, Speaker, Author, and Antarctic Expedition Leader

Tools and templates, ways and worksheets to deepen your awareness and grow your skillset, to unlock your potential as an enterprise leader.

Inspiring self-assessment tools to support your personal and professional journey into knowledge, into leadership, and into enterprise success.

Resources to kickstart your enterprise purpose.From personal audits to team processes. From file management to governance essentials.

Connect with the person behind the wisdom, with David’s candid stories of greatest hits, near misses, and a lifetime of inspired success.

“Those wise enough to read this will be richly rewarded and profoundly grateful.”

—Gerry Riskin, Internationally Recognised Lawyer, Author, Management Consultant,  and Founder of Edge International



It tells the stories and secrets—with candour, vulnerability and humour—from a career serving so many enterprises as a lawyer, mediator and leader.

Each one of 20 chapters includes candid tales of real challenge.

Baring all, David reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of 44 years in enterprises.

440 pages of wisdom from 44 years of entrepreneurial experience.

20 ‘Leading on L-plate’ sections pull back the curtain on genuine, human, vulnerable leadership.


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