The Importance Of Vision And How To Create It So That Your Team Follows

September 16, 2019

Like a master artist, vision will first spring from the heart and soul of the business leader. It will be borne of the leader's passion, enthusiasm and commitment, and come from the leader dreaming a dream of what might be. It will rage, almost like a fire in the belly of the business leader.


Book launch

January 21, 2019

On 30 October 2018, 'Fighting for Enterprise Success' was officially launched!


Welcome to my business blog: Through the Eye of the Tiger

October 26, 2018

I am David Sharrock, Managing Principal of Sharrock Pitman Legal, founder of The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs, a quarterly business club for business owners and enterprise leaders and now business book author.


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